Water saving set

The morning shower is usually a race against the clock, as I have to do everything in a hurry and get to work on time. However, most of the time I have to wait for at least five minutes with the hot water running because the hot water is not hot at this hour, but barely warm.



So I have to wait until enough water goes through the plumbing and finally the hot water arrives at the destination. But I am bothered both by the waiting and also by the fact that I waste a lot of water until I get to shower. Well, apparently there are more people bothered by this thing, so they try to find some innovative solution that will allow us to save all the water that goes down the drain.

Bathroom Recycle System

There is this savvy fellow named Frank Guo who planned the honor winning Bathroom Recycle System, the device that I mean to present to you right now. All things considered, the essential thought of this venture is that you can put the latrine, the shower, and the sink. Thusly the water that continues running until it becomes hot won’t be squandered yet utilized for providing the latrine and the sink. This is conceivable gratitude to the basic tank that is part of two.

water-saving tips

The design of the set is minimalist but very effective and innovative. Plus, it helps you save some good money, too and also to be “green”, as you will use less water. Pretty cool, but I wonder how much that costs or if you can make it by yourself.

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