Vintage Luggage Home Decor

The vintage style has become very popular these days, with exquisite decorative old, retro touches and vintage home accessories.

Vintage  Home Decor

A unique and lovely element to the vintage style is that it can be truly personalized.

Vintage is associated with old and requires the use of valuable pieces with antiqued finishes, in a neutral color scheme and pastel colors (blue, pink, Vernal, etc.).Even if they are broken or missing handles, luggage can be used for storage and why not to create vintage decor.
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Vintage Suitcase

Being our usual bright, optimistic souls, we decided to focus on the house’s potential: location was a big call, but so were the painted floorboards (a medium grey that has started to flake, which gives more rusticity), the brand new kitchen cabinets, the mismatch of salvaged windows used throughout the house (Art Deco, French, louvers, etc), the fireplace, the high ceilings, the cornices, and the very unusual layout. We had almost no money but I had a vision and my boyfriend had building skills (and a good artistic flair too) so how could we go wrong?
A few (many!!!) pots of paint later and lots of elbow grease and the house turned into what we wanted: a relaxing retreat with lots of character and light. The feel is contemporary with a hint of vintage.

Vintage furniture

It is summery and fresh and inviting at the same time. It has a couple of feature items and lots of ‘bits and pieces’ picked up during overseas trips or at the side of the road. It is our sanctuary and it keeps on evolving with us, our moods, our needs. There are still a million things that need to be fixed, changed, replaced, moved, installed. It might be perfect one day but it is more likely that it will never be. And this is most probably the precise reason why we love it. We hope that you will too.
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Delightfully, vintage home accessories are often not only beautiful but functional as well.

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