Tips for a Black and White Interior

Black white designs

Many contemporary establishments use a combination of black and white as a carrier for the interior. A justified choice because these elementary colors compliment each other fantastically. The toughness of black in combination with the airiness of white makes for a unique and contrasting combination. Space gets a tough look, looks spacious and shows off the showpieces in your interior.

black white design


Accent colors such as red, green, brown, orange and yellow can also be combined with a black and white interior. Please note that you are not exaggerating with this. Too much color will destroy the power of the black and white combination.
Black and white are often combined with one or more shades of gray. Adding gray gives the space more dynamism and makes it easier to arrange surfaces. Black shades are best used in moderation to prevent the room from feeling sticky.

You can also choose to paint a wall black with black chalkboard paint. This way, visitors can leave nice messages with white chalk.


To obtain a luxurious and chic look, it is best to work with different gloss levels in your paint. You can then combine this with striking accessories, cushions and curtains in rich materials such as natural stone, fur, and velvet.
As a floor finish, it is best to use dark tiles or a plank floor. The finishing touch is obtained by placing a few eye-catchers. For example, a black one-seater in Baroque style fits particularly well in a classic black and white interior. They are very bombastic but still look very playful and modern due to their monotonous color. If you prefer classic seating furniture then a leather chesterfield is the seat for you!


Do you want a trendy interior that still radiates coziness? Then it is best to combine black and white with warm materials that are rich in texture. Some examples are wood, reed, linen, wallpaper, silk, and wool. The natural and warm appearance of these materials in combination with these monotone colors ensures a warm and cozy interior.
If you prefer something more contemporary, you can also combine black and white with concrete or stainless steel. The latter often comes across as busy, but with a white and black carrier this does not come across as disturbing.
A modern black-and-white interior can also be perfectly combined with works of art, sculptures or classic pieces. Due to the great contrast with the environment, they will come into their own and become real eye-catchers.


When combining black and white, you must always ensure that black does not dominate. Since black demands more attention, you should go for a ratio of 70% white. If you have a room with many corners, it can be fun to paint the smallest areas white. If you have a square room, it can be nice to paint only one wall and/or the ceiling black.

Bumps are more clearly visible on a black wall. Especially when you choose high-gloss or satin paint. If you want an even result, you can use renovation non-woven wallpaper that will stop small holes and cracks effortlessly. If you have a wall that is in particularly bad condition, you can also get a nice effect by leaving it that way.

If you go for a black and white interior, it is best to buy a dark gray shade that looks almost black. Pure black is never recommended as it absorbs space and the contrast becomes too harsh. The difference between dark gray and black is barely visible, but it leaves a completely different impression. Pure black can be used if you only want to paint one accent.

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