Make a living room bigger

Best tips to make iliving room look bigger

Not spacious enough to accommodate your guests, you probably want to expand your living room. You still have to find the ideas to make it appear bigger without sacrificing your budget. No need to go through the creation of an extension: decor and layout tips can give the illusion of space in the living room. Use paint wisely by focusing on light colors, favor refined furniture, play with the transparency of a glass roof or even arrange the living room facing the garden. So many ways to visually increase the volume of the living room in order to be more comfortable there. Without pushing the walls, the impression of space is immediately palpable. Review of details in 12 inspirational ideas for effective practice.

Make a living room bigger: best tips to make it look bigger


Expanding space is the primary challenge for small surfaces. Several tracks accessible to all thus make it possible to give the illusion of a volume larger than it seems. These decorating tips are particularly popular in the living room where space is sometimes sorely lacking. When a tight budget, the creation of an extension or a move is not an option, you have to rely on the visual perspectives to make the living room appear more spacious.


The impression of space is created by installing, for example, a mirror which immediately gives depth to the room. Investing headroom rather than wall plinth also stretches volume more flatteringly. Painting plays a big role, favoring light tones such as white or pastel, which catch the light on the one hand and visually enlarge the space on the other hand. No more narrow living room thanks to the sliding door, the installation of which saves space. The choice of furniture should not be underestimated either, which is preferred in lightness in order to free up traffic. In short, any means are good to create a feeling of space in the living room without pushing the walls.


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