Kitchen Trends 2020

2020 is bursting with special kitchen trends. That’s why we can’t wait for the new year to start and give you a preview of our 5 favorites.

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1. The new romance

In the romantic kitchen, you can let your creativity run free this year. Combine soft tones, such as pink, with round furniture and velvety fabrics. Just like in nature, you can easily apply pink in the kitchen: with colors that are just next to it and have a vague connection with it. The more you bring it together, the more it feels like a palette, and the more self-conscious you can deviate from the base color. And your crockery? You can store it nicely in an open wall cupboard. Also, mix and match the table cover by feel, with a splash of shine and gold for the luxurious sophistication.

2. Round shapes

Round, oval, organic, curves appear in all shapes and sizes, including in the kitchen. The sweet raid has never been more welcome than at a round dining table where we can easily arrange another piece. Have dinner!

kitchen design trends

3. Straight lines

Curves may determine our interior, but they will not drive out the straight lines. Straight and round, stripe and circle, cone, and triangle play a game in which they sometimes merge into one another.

4. Natural materials

In 2020 we will again see many natural materials, such as a wooden kitchen, combined with a thin marble worktop. The result is a kitchen that radiates peace, warmth, and luxury.

5. A sustainable kitchen

There are many options to make your interior sustainable. Using what is already there is the most sustainable. Paint the doors or put other handles on your kitchen. Would you like to buy a new kitchen? Take a look at IKEA’s sustainable kitchens.

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