How to Find a Kitchen Builder?

There is a lot to consider when installing or renovating a kitchen. It is, therefore, best to work with a professional kitchen builder. You have 2 choices: either you work with a carpenter or you work with a specialized kitchen shop. What is the best choice? And what should you pay attention to if you are looking for a kitchen builder? Find out here.

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OPTION 1:  local joiner

OPTION 2: specialized kitchen shop

CONCLUSION: which is the best choice?

Kitchen Planning


Before you start the search for a kitchen builder, we recommend that you first think about what exactly you want. This makes it easier afterward to request quotes and find the right kitchen builder. For example, consider:

Type of works: is it a new kitchen or a kitchen renovation? In case of renovation, do I want a complete renovation or only certain parts need to be renewed (eg new splashback, new kitchen top, …)?
Budget: how much budget do I have available? Tip: always keep your budget in mind. This way you can adjust your decisions to it throughout the construction process.
Planning: when do I want to have the works carried out? Do I want to do certain works myself (eg breaking out the old kitchen)?
Design: How do I want my kitchen to look? Think eg. consider the desired layout, kitchen shape, kitchen appliances, height of the worktop, storage space, …
Style: do I want a modern or rather rural or classic kitchen? Which materials and colors do I prefer?
Structural and technical matters: should the layout of the kitchen be different? Is a new ceiling, new floor, or new walls required? Should new piping or new heating, lighting, … be provided?
Then get advice from a kitchen builder:
You don’t have to have a definitive answer to these questions. A good kitchen builder thinks along with you, assesses your ideas realistically, and advises you in your decisions.

Please note, every kitchen builder has its vision. Please contact 2 to 3 different kitchen installers. This will give you a better idea of ​​the possibilities. Compare customized proposals without obligation.

Luxury Kitchen
White Kitchen Ideas


The big advantage of a small kitchen builder such as a joiner is that they always deliver custom work. Ideal if you have specific wishes. For example, if you want a kitchen with a unique design (e.g. if you have to work around obstacles), if you want a kitchen in a unique color or material, if you want to deviate from the standard dimensions, …

Usually, the range of joiners is not limited to custom kitchens, but you can also contact them for a dressing, bathroom, desk, … made to measure. Collaborating with a small kitchen builder such as a joiner is certainly recommended if you want to work on other interior joinery in addition to your kitchen and want to coordinate it nicely.


Full customization: with a joiner, you are not limited to standard dimensions, models, or designs. Your kitchen is completely tailored to your wishes and needs. So you have great freedom of choice regarding the design of the kitchen, dimensions, finish, … Perfect if you have specific wishes.
Cheaper than specialized kitchen shops: despite the full customization, a small kitchen builder such as a joiner is usually cheaper than when you work with a large kitchen store. That’s because a local joiner often works alone, eliminating the need for middlemen, such as showroom salespeople. Please note, everything depends on a joiner to joiner.
Qualitative material: you can be assured that specialized joiners only work with the best material. Logically, that quality will also be reflected in the lifespan of your kitchen.
Flexibility: where large kitchen builders usually do everything via a fixed step-by-step plan, a joiner will be more flexible. Is there anything coming up is the planning, do you want to adjust things last minute, …? A joiner will usually not make it too big of a problem.

You cannot visit a showroom: most joiners only have a studio and no showroom where you can visit to get inspiration and view examples. Of course, he can show previous realizations, samples of materials, … to give you an idea of ​​his work.
Waiting times can vary greatly: one joiner will be able to realize your kitchen very quickly, while the other will have to wait a very long time. Joiners often work alone or with a limited number of people. The waiting times are therefore highly dependent on the amount of work the joiner has.
Some joiners work all alone or with a limited number of people. Others have

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By specialized kitchen shops, we mean large kitchen builders such as DSM, Dovy, Ixina, … They rather offer a combination of standard elements and customization. With them you can, for example, choose from a wide range of standard models and elements that you can then adjust and put together according to your wishes. You can also choose from a wide range of colors, materials, finishing options, and sizes.

So the possibilities are wide, but not endless. In that respect, you have less freedom of choice with a specialized kitchen builder than with a joiner, who offers completely custom work. Whether that is sufficient for you, of course, depends entirely on your wishes and requirements for your kitchen.


Showroom: kitchen shops have a showroom where you can visit to find inspiration and view examples. This gives you an idea of the options you have with them and you gain insight into the quality of their work.
Clear planning and design: large kitchen builders usually work with a fixed step-by-step plan so that everything can run in a structured and smooth manner: visit the showroom and discuss the project with the seller → quote and design (often you even get a 3D design) → measurement → drawing up the planning and timing → execution of the works. The seller also guides you through this entire process.
Correct estimation of the timing: because everything is well planned, the execution time of the works can be better estimated. So you know well in advance when the placement of your kitchen will happen.


Limited customization: with large kitchen builders you usually start from standard models and elements that you can adjust and combine to your liking. You also have to choose from a fixed, but wide, range in terms of colors, materials, and finishes. Customization is therefore possible, but limited.
More expensive than joiner: because of the service they offer and because more intermediaries are involved (e.g. possibility to visit the showroom, salesmen in the showroom who guide you through the process, 3D design, …), you pay at large kitchen shops usually more than with a local carpenter. Please note, everything depends of course from kitchen builder to kitchen builder.


Just like joiners, large kitchen builders can also differ greatly from each other. Not everyone has the same offer. For example, the possibilities in terms of design, models, colors, finishes, materials, … can be completely different for one kitchen builder than for another. Also take into account differences in quality of the material used (wood type, kitchen fittings, …). This also influences the prices that apply to the kitchen builder.

TIP: request quotes from 2 to 3 different kitchen builders. This way you can compare proposals and get a better picture of the possibilities. Compare quotes without obligation.


It mainly depends on your wishes and requirements for your kitchen:

If you want a tailor-made kitchen but you don’t have any special requirements, there are certainly options at the major kitchen stores. Do you want to deviate from the standard, do you have specific requirements or do you just want to be able to choose everything to your liking? In short, do you want a kitchen like no one else has one? Then full customization is the best option and you better work together with a joiner.


To be sure of the right choice and best price, it is best to request quotes from various kitchen builders.