Home Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning is one thing. Thank you gravity, loss, dead skin, pencil shavings, and other bits end up on the field. And we clean. But what about the wall? Have you ever looked at the walls?



Clean the walls and the wallpaper was something of a home contact about 1950 the kind of thing that the cleaning staff to do all fanatic. However, it is much easier to wash a wall to change the background.

If you have a previous background of this kind is looking shabby, do not bother to clean the wallpaper.

How to Clean Your House

Tips for cleaning walls:

♦ Remove cobwebs wrapping a cloth around a broom and sweep the cobwebs around where you are (probably at a wide-angle). Once the canvas is covered with pieces of the web, dead flies and spider legs remove the brush and replace it with a clean. Cobwebs by hand can be easily removed with a cloth (fabric type is not in the spring track).

♦ Terms and dirt can be cleaned with a dilute solution of vinegar and hot water. It ‘better to do the whole wall at once (perhaps the end of this road to play Test cricket on the radio for your mind occupied, to clean the walls down is very tedious, especially if the background is white). It works with wallpaper and painted walls.

♦ Stone walls can be washed with warm water and soap.

Best Cleaning Tips

♦ Marker is easier they are generally water-based so that the brand of sponge with water to clean and the pencil is easier to remove all just use an eraser (rubber for our transatlantic friends).

♦Pencil can be removed by gently rubbing the scratch with toothpaste or a paste of baking soda. Wipe any residue with a damp cloth.

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