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When its time to purchase your new home a sense of accomplishment in many aspects will wash over you. However, new challenges will begin, that of having to decorate your new home.
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New Homeowner’s Guide

If you have owned a home previously, most of the time you simply redecorate from what you have already. However, this may feel boring and just as overwhelming as starting fresh. But, wait, there are a lot of great things that you can do to mix it up and create a new style and look that will reflect you and your personality. It will also reflect the personalities of your family as well.
How to Decorate Your Home
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With the tight squeeze of the economy, decorating fresh can be tricky, but with the write ideas and shopping techniques, you can stay within a budget and have a great new home that you will love.

If you are moving from an older home, it is a good idea to purge through what you already have. If you have special collections that you might like to keep, go through them and select only a few pieces from that collection. For example, if you collect snow globes, save only those that have memories or other value to them that is meaningful to you. Depending on the size of your collection, you may want to size down significantly. Remember though, by doing so, this leaves room for adding something new to that particular collection.

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But, don’t just purge through your collectibles, do this with all items in your home. By pairing down and only taking what you use or need, this will save you a lot of time packing.
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Have a yard sale with your old items, this will help you to raise some extra money to incorporate new items into your decorating style.
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There are a lot of color trends that those who are heavily involved in the fashion industry like to stick to. The best decorating advice when it comes to color, choose a color that feels good to you. You don’t have to follow the latest and greatest trend. Color is a matter of feelings and comfort. Every one of us has a comfort level when it comes to color. Some people like to stick to the safety color of white on the walls of their homes. They feel it is clean, uplifting, and adds to the size of the space. They aren’t wrong, lighter colors do enhance the look and size of a room.
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When you are ready to decorate, you don’t always have to buy new, there are many great antiques available, simply look around and see what feels right for you. Then incorporate the new with the old in your home.

Success in decorating is making sure your new home looks and feels great to you and your family. Find what’s comfortable for you and work with it.

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