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What is more beautiful than the summer in your garden you to spend it? After a hard-working, living here is almost like a little vacation in between. And otherwise, the garden offers relaxation and recreation for its owners. Prerequisite for enjoying life are untrammeled comfortable outdoor furniture Watch For quite a long-time dealer a trend that is evolving from purely practical garden furniture, through to modern and visually appealing furniture that easy as well and is robust.
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Sturdy furniture will know each of us probably from the massive wooden furniture, which was found some years ago to almost every terrace.
These were seen as particularly durable but had regularly cleaned, sanded and fitted with special protective coatings in order to preserve these properties. If one wanted to displace the heavy wooden furniture from A to B, this was a show of strength the same, could drive even the grown men to despair. And such comfortable wooden benches and wooden chairs were even then only if they are equipped with cushions, but had to be cleared each time rain inside. A real alternative and the competition there was not much time. That changed when you could buy from the dealer growth in so-called lounge furniture.


The word Lounge is from English and means a room waiting in airports or train stations, which is equipped with upholstered furniture and travelers the wait more pleasant to make the. In about pursuing lounge furniture just this idea: namely, to convince convenience and comfort. Of course one can hardly Garden upholstered furniture in the set, yet the same lounge furniture to the models from German living rooms, very. Lounge furniture is characterized mainly optically pure designs by a clear design and minimal lines make this a timeless classic, the ambiance of “feel” in each. This effect is also underlined by their color, which, through dark brown to black classic is rich honey-brown.
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The back and armrests of the seats are elevated and thus designed so that the physiognomy of the seated body perfectly adapt. This allows a comfortable sitting over a longer period of time. Whether sunbathing, garden bed or garden chair all are equipped with weather-resistant cushions, which even the spontaneous summer rain will not spoil as fluid and dirt from the surface to just roll off.
This same property also has the material from which are typically used for lounge furniture created. It is a synthetic plastic called polyethylene. This gives the network that visually resembles the natural rattan, with its characteristic name: poly rattan or commonly known as Kunststoffrattan. Where liquid, particularly for natural materials such as untreated wood or even natural fabric, the interior can get there easily and to damage the material leads, the smooth surface of the liquid drips from the simple poly rattan. Even dirt and dust can not stick there, which means that little time in cleaning and maintenance of lounge furniture must be plugged. With a garden hose, these are the beginning of the season garden clean and covered in winter with protective hoods or evacuated to dryness.
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Particularly pleasing is the fact that the lounge furniture to withstand any weather and in spite of color or shape, not lose it what other materials usually after a short time the case is on.

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