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The floor is part of a room that sets the mood and ties every other design aspect together. What is underfoot is often given little thought when compared to furniture or wall paint or to the pictures hung at eye level.
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The easiest way to change a room from humdrum to a freshly inspired living space is to change what is on the floor. If you are looking to make a quick, dramatic change to your home, consider installing a new carpet.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is tacked in place so that it doesn’t shift or wrinkle. Though seemingly permanent, it will stay in place as long as desired, and it can be changed easily. The choices of traditional and modern fabrics used in the weaving process ensure that fabric will last as long as needed, even a lifetime. A room sometimes needs a change and the floor is the obvious place to start.
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There are many weaving styles and options on the market, which fall into six basic categories. What you choose to put under your feet should complement the rest of the room, but there is no right or wrong choice. It is a matter of personal taste.

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Textured carpeting is a weaving style that alternates the twists in the yarn. This nubby surface gently yields to pressure and the varying yarn density catches the light at different angles. This provides a two-tone appearance to any given color. This is a popular style because of the shifting tones changing with the time of day. You may already have this carpet in your home. If so, a change in style may be as important as a change in color.
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Frieze carpeting is very durable. If your floor is showing wear in high-traffic areas, covering it with a woven frieze of yarns is a smart decision. The yarns are twisted very tightly and then cut. Because of the torsion, the yarns bend over themselves creating a resilient surface that outlasts all other styles.

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The cable is a style that is marketed as the most comfortable for walking. The yarns are trimmed slightly longer than in other styles. Because of this, though cable weaves are a pleasure to see when first installed, they may flatten in a home’s high-traffic zones. If you have a cable weave on the stairs, you may notice the center of the steps is showing more wear than the sides. A frieze runner is more appropriate in this location, just as a frieze weave in the bedroom might be replaced with a softer cable weave. It is a matter of personal preference, but most bare feet love cable.

A cut above cable weaves on the luxury scale is Saxony. This is a formally elegant style of weaving that provides a smooth texture from the surface down to the core. Each yarn is uniformly twisted and cut with no room for variation. Dense Saxony weaves command attention. When you walk on one, you feel and see the difference. If your room demands a bit more status, a Saxony floor covering is a choice you will never regret. Like the cable weave, however, Saxony should not be installed where it will see extended wear.

Looped carpets are very durable and are often viewed as top of the line because defects cannot be removed after the weaving is done. These yarns are not cut. They are stitched into the backing and left to spring back into shape when stepped on. Looped carpets are durable and hide stains but it is difficult to hide any seams that may be needed to install them wall-to-wall in large areas.

If you have the wrong flooring in the wrong place, it is time to consider something else. With all the carpeting options available, not just in weaves, but in colors and fabrics, it is easy to enhance your living space with the comforts of carpeting.

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