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Flooring plays an important role in whether a room is cheery or dark, formal or casual, traditional or modern. But looks aren’t everything.

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Flooring Materials

Select the wrong material, and someone could step out of the shower and slip, or the kitchen floor could go from spotless to visibly spattered and sloppy in just the time it takes to prepare one meal. Each family’s criteria are a bit different will kids or pets increase wear and tear? Is comfort underfoot imperative, or is your heart set on the elegance of natural stone? So your floor choice should be tailored to the people who use it.


Flooring must be chosen carefully when planning a room. The choice of a floor must encompass practical considerations, such as cost and the extent of use in different areas, as well as personal style preferences. Carpets, for example, are soft and comfortable to tread on with bare feet but can rot in damp conditions such as a steamy bathroom. Materials such as vinyl, while not as long-lasting as natural substances, are cheaper and easy to replace when worn. An experiment in each room with sample tiles and swatches before making a final decision.

Hard floors do increase sound levels in a room but these can be muted by adding rugs and other soft materials. Wooden floors are warm, easy to sweep clean and good value, but long-term durability and water-resistance can be a problem.

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