Designing and decorating small apartments

Designing an apartment or house is a very difficult task when you have very limited space available, The architect needs to use all the space and try to increase the covered area, meanwhile, he needs to take care of room sizes and living space so that room looks big after construction.
Small Living Room
Amazing Ideas For Designing And Decorating

Some apartments look very small but when entering into the apartment then you think that its a big one, that all depends on the architect how he designs the things.
Best Small Apartment Design

The apartment under discussion today fulfills the needs of a small family. As you can see the tall ceiling and color combination of fixtures and appliances bring attraction when someone enters the apartment.
small studio apartment design
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Interior Design Ideas for Small Apartment

To develop the interior design of a small apartment and to think through all its nuances is very difficult. Owners of premises with an area of ​​less than 30 square meters have to weigh three times the pros and cons of each element of the interior. Even the most seemingly insignificant corner of space should be used efficiently, and decor and furniture, along with compact dimensions, should also be highly practical. Concrete ceiling and simple plank flooring combined with plain furniture will not allow the room to look cluttered and cramped. Conditionally divide the apartment into zones will help low partitions or a multi-level ceiling.
Small House Interior Design Ideas
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Small Living Room Decorating

Wooden flooring and big aluminum windows make the sitting room brighter and energy-efficient.  Orange study chair is placed next to the window which makes that place a good for study. The kitchen is powered by appliances from the world-leading companies and wooden work is done according to the fixture.

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