Connected Living Room To Kitchen

The connection between the living room and the kitchen is becoming a matter of course today. But to create a flawless whole, be inspired by our ten lines.

1. In the kitchen area of ​​the living room, try to eliminate noise and fumes. Choose appliances with low noise. When using the extractor, it also takes into account sufficient power due to the size of the room.

Some models can even be used as air conditioning in summer. If you want to remove the unwanted bang when closing the door, choose the silent self-opening mechanism.

2. To admit or not to admit the presence of the kitchen in the living room? It is no longer a problem to unify living and kitchen furniture in terms of material and color.

Kitchen manufacturers have expanded the range of modules to make their use versatile. Whether you choose a wood-structure or furniture with a colored front surface, it’s up to you. Current trends are generous!

 integrate the kitchen to the living room

3. How to deal with the presence of kitchen appliances in the living room? You have two options. You can either hide all appliances behind the doors of the built-in cabinets, cover the sink with a plate and choose a model of the extractor reminiscent of a luminaire, or, on the contrary, be proud of an exhibition of design models.

You will display an oven, a microwave, and a coffee machine in the tall cabinets. On the kitchen island, you can build any combination of cooking zones with different cooking procedures. For example, grill, teppan-yaki, or wok.

4. The kitchen island is a suitable and practical element in an open space. You define the boundary of the kitchen. At the same time, it simplifies mutual communication with other family members.

If you are not going to use the kitchen island for bar seating, you can use its construction as a base to connect a dining table or a smaller breakfast session. You can also effectively illuminate the space above the island, highlighting its presence in the living room.

5. If you want to maintain a kind of privacy in the connected space, create a kitchen cell from the kitchen modules. Not only the bar counter will help you with it, but also the upper cabinets hung on the ceiling. You can surround them in the desired number and any height.

An open dividing element between the zones in the room can also be open shelf walls, which also have a decorative effect from the living room. However, consider what you expose in them. Remember, less is sometimes more!

6. In an open space that is to be representative, it is better to avoid some characteristic elements of the kitchen unit. Avoid the clips on the doors and drawers. Replace them with a push mechanism.

7. You can do without plinths on the lower cabinets. Replace them with elegant metal legs or join the current hit of hanging bottom cabinets. The set will look light and certainly interesting.

8. Forget about placing the tiles behind the kitchen counter. They work technically and unnecessarily emphasize the presence of the kitchen in the social zone. A more elegant solution is to use, for example, glass or laminate.

9. Rotate full top cabinets with open cabinets. Loose shelves, suitably incorporated in the set, better connect to the furniture in the living area. It is a fashion hit if they are in color contrast concerning the kitchen unit. A strong yellow, orange, or white color is required.

10. In addition to open shelves, use elegant glass windows. They are a suitable addition to the set, especially if you use glass shelves in them and illuminate them. With LEDs, you can also use the color changes of the lighting according to the desired atmosphere in the room.

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