Budget Kitchen Renovation

“Our kitchen doesn’t look its best in years since it is connected to the living room, I would need advice on how to renovate it to make it look more modern,” the reader wrote to us.

Budget Kitchen Remodels

Budget Kitchen Remodels

The daily use of the kitchen is marked mainly by the door, hob, sink, and faucets. If the other parts, it is enough if you replace damaged parts.

Little effort, big effect

You will achieve the greatest effect by replacing the door. Today, acrylic or lacquered doors are fashionable, laminate is more accessible, and the most expensive is solid wood. Buy or have a new one made to your liking. Don’t forget to reserve space for built-in appliances. To get more storage space, fill the cabinets up to the ceiling. If the kitchen is part of the living room, match the kitchen furniture in a colorful style.

Forget about tiles

The second step should be to transform the screen. In addition to white, the courses are richer shades. The darker ones belong to larger spaces. A proven hit to revive the kitchen are the glass screens. The color of the glass or motif can also be used on any element of the living room.

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Tough conditions

Then replace the hob. It should be colorfast, damage-resistant, and easy to maintain. These conditions are best met by natural stone slabs, which are, however, costly. Cheaper is artificial stone, in which you can effectively incorporate a sink without visible joints. Also, remove the stylish faucet for the sink. The same goes for the hood. It is an important design element that can elevate your kitchen.

According to the mood

Great emphasis is placed on lighting. In both the kitchen and the living room, the ceiling lights should be either the same, in a single series, or otherwise aligned. It is important to illuminate the work area well and the pleasant atmosphere should be created by the light above the table. Instead of classic kitchen chairs, put comfortable, beautiful, design pieces around the table, which will underline the common space even more.

Do you know chandelier hoods?

  • they extract steam
  • they release odor into space
  • they change the color and intensity of the light
  • they are a beautiful home accessory
  • they can also be controlled remotely via mobile phone

How to adapt the kitchen to the living room

  • prefer built-in appliances and a sink with an overlap
  • remove plinths and clips from kitchen furniture
  • connect the living room with the kitchen on the same floor
  • arrange both rooms in the same style
  • choose designer appliances and accessories

Remember …
If you want to restore the look of an older kitchen unit and do not want to invest thousands in a new one, you can renovate the visible parts of the line by painting, repainting, wallpaper, or using foils.

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