Bamboo Interior Design Ideas

Did you also enjoy those wonderful summer days? From the warm sun that tickles your skin, the garden that is in full bloom again and those wonderful summer colors and scents around you. It is the time for me to get a lot of inspiration again. One of my favorites this summer? Bamboo! Discover a piece of modern living with a warm Balinese touch.

One of the most commonly used materials for furniture making in Bali is bamboo. And that is not surprising. The strong material has a beautiful, simple appearance, it is light, flexible, very strong and does not rot. Moreover, the processing is also ecological, harvesting is cheap and bamboo grows an average of 13 centimetres per day. No wonder that the grass is increasingly seen as a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. When bamboo is dried, it takes on the characteristic light brown hue, which we see in furniture and accessories.


Bamboo Interior Design Ideas

It is that you have to think about the cricket chirp yourself, but this material is guaranteed to give you an instant holiday feeling.

Bamboo Interior Design Ideas

Many interior designers have now switched to designing this beautiful material. The special thing about this line is that the furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors. Definitely worth a look!

Bamboo Interior Design Ideas

How to combine bamboo

Ok, you choose bamboo furniture, but how do you actually combine bamboo? That’s easy. Due to its pure and natural appearance, bamboo can actually be combined with any material. This way you can easily combine bamboo furniture with bright colors for a real Ibiza look. Do you prefer peace and quiet? Then combine the bamboo with calm white nuances and pastels. Would you rather go for botanicals? That is also possible with bamboo. Combine rattan and bamboo with green plants to create a botanical style or match them with soft home accessories to create a bohemian style!

Bamboo Interior Design Ideas

Exotic accessories

Not all-the-way right away? Then get started with some bamboo or rattan accessories. Attach a few beautiful wicker dishes in a group to the wall, put a sturdy wicker basket in your bathroom or scrape a small wicker table at a second-hand store and place it comfortably next to your sofa. This way you can get used to this new material a bit. And don’t you like it? Then you have another good excuse to give your interior a nice look.

Bamboo Interior Design Ideas  Bamboo Interior Design Ideas

DIY: make your own bamboo lamps!

Want to get started with bamboo yourself? It is very easy to make bamboo lamps yourself, provided you have the right products at home. To make a bamboo lamp you need a thick bamboo stem, a number of LED lights and an iron wire or braided rope to hang the lamp.

  1.  To begin with, it is important to clean the bamboo trunk well inside and out, so that there are no pests in or on it.
  2.  When the bamboo trunk is hollow, you can attach the LED lights. You can often press it into the bark on the inside of the lamp. Isn’t this okay? Then you can use a small nail or piece of tape for this.
  3. Finally, make two holes in the bamboo stem to hang the lamp later on. You can of course also use the bamboo lamps standing. Beautiful on a piece of silk, for example!

Another nice tip: a braided rope contributes to an even more natural look of the bamboo lamps. Iron wire, on the other hand, is a bit more modern!