10 Tips for Furnishing of a Small Apartment

Decorate Small Apartment

Small apartments have their advantages. They are cheaper than a large house and often have a favorable location. You can also style a small apartment perfectly functionally if you take into account several basic principles:

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With a small space, you may not immediately think of creating partitions and you tend to leave the space open as much as possible. That is a perfectly logical thought, but a modest open space quickly becomes messy. Due to the lack of separations, the different elements (kitchen, sitting area, sleeping area) visually intertwine. You can solve this by using room dividers or by positioning furniture in a certain way. A sideboard between the cooking and dining areas is an option. But a sofa is also a perfect piece of furniture to create separations. You can also use plants to accentuate functional transitions in a room.


In a small apartment, every inch is a profit. That is why furniture that can be used multi functionally is very practical. There is a lot for sale in this area. Consider, for example, a sofa bed, which you can use as a sofa during the day, or an ottoman in which you can store things. An extendable dining table, which you can extend when guests arrive, is also very handy. There are many good high-quality designs on the market that are both practical and stylish.


Light colors always work more spatially than dark colors. When creating a color palette, focus on three colors: two colors with a light bright shade that covers most of the room and one accent color that visually makes things more exciting. Besides, the accent doesn’t always have to be big to make an impression:

If you need some more bold colors, paint some furniture pieces in such color and apply accents with a second color. However, you should limit yourself to a certain part of the room, otherwise, you will get an overkill of colors and impressions, so that space loses its structure. Sober shades can also create a lot of atmospheres:


When you have been living in an apartment for a while, you may get stuck in ideas at some point. You think you’ve already tried everything and that you’ve used all the spaces in the house to the best of your ability. But are you sure about that? Go brainstorming for a moment, don’t think about any costs or what work may need to be done. Think of window sills that can perhaps be used as a workspace, or corners in the room where you can place a corner piece of furniture. With a brainstorming session, the most creative ideas can sometimes arise. Dare to think in height as with the interior of the apartment below:


When furnishing a small apartment, it is wise to think ‘vertically’, just like an architect who has to install a new building in a busy city. If it is not in width, then in height. Narrow high storage cabinets are your friend when decorating a somewhat smaller interior. Due to their narrow appearance, they do not immediately take up the entire wall and offer a lot of storage space. Nowadays there are also a very nice shelf and cabinet systems with which you can create your storage system entirely at your discretion.



In a small space, it is sometimes difficult to get everything neatly stored, let alone organized. Still, with the right storage tools and organizers, you can create some order out of the chaos. Small baskets hanging on a shelf system on the wall can already hide a lot of clutter. There are plenty of organizers available for papers, documents, and magazines with which you can apply structure.

Once you have found a system, it is important to stay organized. That can be a challenge, by the way, because psychological research has shown that it takes an average of 66 days before you have learned a new habit. A person is simply a creature of habit and once we are used to something we don’t like to do it differently. But don’t be discouraged by this, many have preceded you!


Most apartments are square and can, therefore, look a bit boring. By adding curved lines you can make a room a lot more exciting. A round dining table or a sofa with round or angled corners can make the difference between a boring and a creative ‘out of the box’ design. Don’t forget to include the round shapes in your accessories. For example, instead of a standard rectangular mirror, you can choose a mirror with a somewhat rounded or oval shape. Also, take a look at the lighting because it can also make a world of difference. A beautiful design lamp can be a real eye-catcher so that the attention is diverted from an object that may be less beautiful.


Smaller apartments often lack depth. That makes sense because space is limited. So you will have to do visual tricks to create some sense of depth. One of the ways you can do this is by working with layers and contrasts. For example, if your sofa is neutral in color, put pillows with a nice pattern and a bold contrasting color on it. Use rugs that are of a different structure than the surface and put some extra pillows on the bed. When you do this playfully and stylishly, you will notice that space visually gets more depth.


Floating cabinet elements or shelves are particularly suitable for a little apartment. they create the space spacious and offer tons of functionality. A bookcase takes up tons of space and may easily get replaced by a system of floating shelves or small floating cubes. There are some nice modular systems on the market with which you’ll get creative yourself. Floating systems are the longer term, especially during a smaller apartment, so check it out and choose a floating design!


Man isn’t the sole creature of habit, but also a collector animal. it’s therefore logical that you simply have collected tons of things over time that you don’t need anymore. So just go and have an enormous clean-up once a year then consciously see if you would like everything. it’s a well known psychological phenomenon that we discover it hard to mention goodbye to certain things, albeit we do not use them. If you’re having trouble getting obviate something, put it aside during a box that you simply keep elsewhere. you’ll see that a year later it’s tons easier to urge obviate the box of things or to supply second-hand purchasable. Be that because it may, the lebensraum will, in any case, remain tidy.

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